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                     Historical             The association/   Biological a
                      aspects               partners/projects

                     Topics                 Topics             Topics

       Introduction  ‘Der Salm‘             ‘Der Atlantische   The salmo
                                            Lachs e.V.‘        Pacific salm
2                    The collapse of the                       wild salmo
                     salmon population (1)  Objectives of      Farmed/ge
                                            the association    engineere
                     The collapse of the                       Life cycle
                     salmon population (2)  Activities of the  Spawning
                                            association        Eggs in the
                     Catch statistics                          subtrate
                                            Joint projects     Alevin
                     River management                          Fry
                     measures               Overview of        Parr
                                            projects           Smolt
                     Overfishing                               North Atlan
                                            The NASF           Returning
                     River barrages, weirs                     Distribution
                     and power plants       NASF map           of the salm


                     Water pollution

                     Changes of the
                     Rhine since 1950
                     ‘Lachs 2000‘
                     ‘Lachs 2020‘ (1)
                     ‘Lachs 2020‘ (2)

                     t Overview                                        Glo
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