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The return of the salmon ‘Togeth

           This presentation is intended to provide a source of
           persons. It is divided into five topic-related chapters;
           stand-alone articles that can be studied individually.

                The salmon - historical aspects describes the
           the collapse of the salmon population prior to 1950 a
           Rhine following the Sandoz pollution disaster in 1986
           In view of the positive results of initial projects design
1 ‘Der Atlantische Lachs e.V.’ was formed in 2001. The
           reintroduction projects are described in the section
           The chapter The salmon - biological aspects d
           of the Atlantic salmon, and the issues surrounding th
           As it is currently not yet possible to maintain a self-su
           human intervention, the Lachszentrum Hasper T
           Hagen, North Germany, is currently undertaking trial
           the catching of spawning fish, the fertilisation of eggs
           in this section.
           In the final chapter, Assessment and outlook, th
           successes and problems are considered.
           It is hoped that these topics will provide course mate
           and ecological flow systems), geography (migratory
           River Rhine) and mathematics (probability calculatio

                    t Overview  Glo
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